5 Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

Did you get hooked on the podcast, Serial? I think we all did and if you are reading this and don’t know what Serial is, please do yourself a favor and download it now. That was my first introduction to the world of podcasts. However, I didn’t become reacquainted with them until a few months ago.

One of my best friends is podcast obsessed (to put it lightly) and she has introduced me to a whole new world. I listen to at least two podcasts every day and it’s become a part of my normal routine. From listening to reality TV gossip to hearing someone’s thoughts on what the new American dream looks like, I truly love tuning in and learning new insights. I listen to these episodes while I’m getting ready in the morning, driving or sometimes Kevin and I sit on the couch and listen to them and we think this must be what is was like when families listened to FDR’s fireside chats. Today, I’m sharing the top five podcasts I listen to. I hope you enjoy them and let me know if you start listening to any of these!

Bitch Sesh

 I almost love the hosts of this show, Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider more than I love the Real Housewives franchise. This duo dishes on the season’s craziest moments and dissects many thoughts that cross your mind but you might not have anyone to discuss them with.  The absolute best episode to date is when they interviewed the messiah of Bravo TV, Andy Cohen.

Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin

I was a little hesitant about this podcast at first because as much as I love Alex Baldwin his commentary tends to annoy me during his podcast. Alec takes listeners into the lives of amazing artists, policy makers, and performers that we want to know better. Some of my favorite guests have been: Patti Smith, Howard Shultz, Debbie Reynolds and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Juicy Scoop

Another guilty pleasure by comedian, Heather McDonald, who is very open about her love for getting and sharing juicy scoop. I used to love watching Heather on Chelsea Lately and this a great extension of her. She loves poking fun at celeb gossip and pop culture topics.  She brings on fun guests and doesn’t hold back on her opinion on anything or anyone.

Bad With Monday With Gabby Dunn

The thought of talking about money makes me squirm. You know those money podcasts where financial experts teach you practical steps for maximizing your income? “Bad With Money” is the opposite of that. Gaby Dunn is anything but a financial expert. Money is an uncomfortable subject, but if we don’t talk about it how will we ever learn about it? Gaby explores ways that money makes us feel confused, hopeless, and terrified. She shares real insight learned from scenarios that have happened to everyone.

How I Built This

This one is my absolute favorite. “How I Built This” is a podcast about innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built. Each episode is a narrative journey marked by triumphs, failures, serendipity and insight — told by the founders of some of the world’s best-known companies and brands. My favorite entrepreneurial stories have been from the founders of Spanx, Instagram, Airbnb, Southwest Airlines and Warby Parker.






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