First Trimester Q & A

I’m officially in my second trimester of pregnancy and almost at the halfway mark! I received quite a few questions about my first trimester…

so I’m sharing a Q&A below. Let me know if you have any other questions along the way!

Are you having any pregnancy cravings?

No, no cravings for ice cream & pickles at 3AM…But, I have been indulging in desserts more than usual. I like to think the calories I am saving from not drinking alcohol can be allocated elsewhere, but I know that isn’t the best rationale. I am trying to be healthy and not use pregnancy as an excuse for 9 months of an all you can buffet 🙂

Was it hard to conceal drinking?

Not as hard I thought it would be. Restaurant servers & bartenders were always so accommodating and excited to be let in on the secret. It’s usually also not the first time they’ve heard the request to help conceal drinking. Soda water is easy to pass off as vodka soda or ask the bartender to make you a mocktail, but order it as if it’s a regular drink. If you are at brunch you can order a faux- mimosa of orange juice with a splash of soda water or sprite to add the champagne fizz. You can also order a virgin bloody mary. See, the options are endless!

Another great tip is to order beer bottles & pour some out in the bathroom. You can’t really see how much someone has drank through the glass bottles. Another idea, just be the life of the party! If you order a round of shots no one really suspects you are not partaking in one. People are in their own world and hardly notice. And if they are closely monitoring your drinking they probably aren’t having that much fun.

What prenatal vitamin are you taking?

I’m taking The Honest Company prental vitamin.

How did you feel during the first trimester? Did you have morning sickness? If so, any remedies?

I am very lucky that I have felt pretty good throughout my first trimester & beyond. Around week 7 I started having food aversions to things I regularly eat– chicken, fish, fruits & vegetables. I also felt like I was in a constant state of motion sickness & the only thing that made me feel better was to fill up on saltines & sprite. This only lasted for 3 weeks and then passed. Eating small snacks throughout the day and sipping on sprite were very helpful. I took these for nausea & wore these to combat motion sickness feelings.

Are you going on a babymoon?

We had a trip planned to Italy prior to getting pregnant, so that is our “babymoon.” We are going to Florence, Rome & the Amalfi Coast. I just keep telling myself the food is better than the wine.

Do you have a name picked out? 

We have a few contenders, but are still exploring options. We are keeping the name a secret until the baby is born.

There’s an app called BabyName which is basically tinder for baby names. If you & your partner both agree on a name you swipe right and it’ll show as a match.

How did you learn the gender of the baby?

We had our families over for a gender reveal dinner celebration. We had dessert first, since we were all anxious to cut into the cake to learn the sex of the baby. We got a delicious  cake from West Town Bakery. We had some fun decor too — this, this and these. Party City & Etsy have no shortage of fun baby party decor.

What have you done to prepare for baby’s arrival?

I started a Pinterest board with nursery ideas, which has start to make things feel more real! I am envisioning white, light pink with gold accents. I also love decorating with animals and children’s books. I’ll share a full reveal once it’s complete.

Last weekend, Kevin & I attend the Chicago Baby Show, which was an extremely helpful way to learn about all things bebe. I have so many baby lists from friends and articles saved, but haven’t really done a deep dive into reading everything yet, it’s overwhelming! The baby show was a great way to dip our toe in the baby pool. My 3 favorite items from the show were…


Lately, I’ve found myself doing a double take on the sidewalk to see what stroller people have. That’s how you know you’re officially in the baby zone 🙂 I’ve had countless people recommend the uppababy vista stroller. After seeing a full demonstration of the stroller at the show we’re pretty much sold. I love the storage space the stroller offers. I’m also a big fan that the stroller grows with you and has the capability to hold two little ones down the road.

Little Unicorn

Oh my goodness – there are so many cute options for little ones from this brand. I can’t get enough of their adorable swaddles, crib sheets, and bibs — among other things!


Initially, I thought fridababy’s NoseFrida nasal aspirator was disgusting. Who wants to suck the buggers & snot out of their baby’s nose? Is this what motherhood is? Well, yes probably, but I actually learned a baby only breathes out of it’s nose at first and if those nasal passages aren’t clear they can have trouble breathing. The old school methods aren’t as effective and not to worry your baby’s snot doesn’t even get close to your mouth.


In the coming weeks, I am going to start looking through all of the lists and resources people have sent my way and streamline what I think we need to do to prepare. I will be sharing every step with you all as I learn.

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  1. mary says:

    I love this! I am so happy you followed me on Insta, so I could find you and your blog! Thanks for the great ideas! 😉

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