Floral Dress & Wedding Gift Ideas

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Wedding season is in full swing! Well, actually I take that back, I don’t think there is “wedding season” anymore, I have wedding showers, bachelorette parties and weddings sprinkled throughout the rest of the year. While I always like to buy something that the bride & groom has requested, sometimes it’s fun or necessary to go rouge and give a gift that’s off the registry…

A few ideas:

Is the couple going on a honeymoon? If so, you can call the hotel and send something special to the room. Or give the couple a gift certificate to the spa to enjoy a couple’s massage.

Go for the monogram! I love this, these or this.

Make a themed gift surrounding an item from the registry. Example, if you’ve gotten the couple whiskey tumbler glasses you could add the accouterments to make old-fashioneds — ice molds, a bottle of whiskey & maraschino cherries. Or add this cute old-fashioned kit. Another theme idea is fulfilling some of their kitchen utensils and including this & this. The theme options are endless!

Give a gift certificate to a one-of-a-kind dining experience where the couple can celebrate a special occasion.

custom return address stamp. I received this as an engagement gift and still use it.


*photos by Roxy Yang*

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