Third Trimester Q&A


I’m in the homestretch of pregnancy and am answering your 3rd trimester questions.

Remember when I answered your questions about my first and second trimester? Ready for round 3? Here we go!

blazer // scarf //  sweater // denim // boots // bag // sunnies

Do you have a birth plan?

The only plan we have is whatever will ensure a healthy delivery for baby and mom. Aaaaaand to have an epidural. Other than that, we feel like a lot of how this will happen is out of our hands. Even if we created a detailed plan, it probably wouldn’t go according to plan and we’d be setting ourselves up for a disappointment. We’ve decided not to overthink the delivery when there is already enough unknown to think about.

As you’ve gotten closer to your due date and grown did you continue to purchase maternity clothes?

I only purchased a few new items based on need for an occasion. ASOS maternity has some great options! I love this floral dresscozy sweatshirt, black off-the-shoulder dress and blue & white resort piece.

I’ve been able to continue to wear the basics I bought. My favorite denim, tees, cardigan and dress have been on heavy rotation. My black OTK boots have helped me feel more dressed up too. I’ve also been wearing more scarves and statement earrings to switch up my look. I’m looking forward to getting reacquainted with my non-maternity clothes.

Is sleeping that much harder?

I’ve had trouble sleeping my entire pregnancy, so I’m actually at a point where I’m able to cope with it better. I have a consistent pain in my hips when I sit or lay for an extended period of time, which interrupts my sleep. I see a chiropractor and get weekly massages to help alleviate the pain. All of this training me to care for a newborn, right?

Is the nursery finished?

Yes! We just put the finishing touches on the nursery this weekend. I’ll do a reveal soon!

Do you have a name picked out?

We do, but it’s top secret. I will tell you baby C’s middle name is Elizabeth in honor of my mom.

Have you stopped working?

Nope. I’ve actually been busier than ever these past few weeks and it’s been a great distraction.

Do you have a maternity leave? Is your husband taking time off of work?

I’m an independent contractor with real estate and blogging, so don’t have a formal maternity leave. I do plan to take time off with real estate (although that doesn’t really exist) and am very fortunate to have a business partner who will be running the show. I will be aiding with administrative tasks that can be done from the computer and we are just playing it all by ear.

As for the blog, I’m just going to take things one day at a time. I anticipate I’ll take a few weeks off, but continue to be active on social media.

Kevin is fortunate enough to have 6 weeks of paternity leave. We are both so grateful for that!


Lots of comfort food and sour gummy candy.

Have you done a lot of shopping for baby C?

I’ve been trying to restrain myself, but there are so many goodies I’m eyeing… how cute is this little chambray romper, these pj’s, leggings & tunic, pink ruffle bodysuit, white ruffled top and this cozy little number.

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